Human Centered Learning

Human Centered Learning informs the Physical, Spiritual, Psychological, and Social education of the individual through an instructional framework of Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge. 

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Do you want your educational experience to achieve its full potential? Research shows that a Human Centered Learning model increases overall performance, engagement, and retention - especially among traditionally low performers. 

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Inspirational research and resources


    Stories of successful implementation 

    Applications and implications of formal research


    Reference guides


    Training Resources

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Equipping organizations and individuals to facilitate a Human Centered Learning Experience

Online Courses:

    Personal Skill Development and Certification

    Communities of Practice

Teacher Training

    Professional Development Workshops

    Immersive Learning Experiences

- Certification -

In-formation is bringing shape to that which is yet undefined.

  • Program Development:
  •     Instructional Design Services

        Assessments and Evaluation

        Organizational Consulting

    Curriculum, Pedagogy, User Experience:

        Accreditation Services


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