Human Centered Learning

Let’s shift the center of the classroom experience from the INFORMation of the individual to the individual in FORMATION

Are You In?

Is There Another Way?

Education today remains firmly rooted in the assumption that students who have collected enough information and demonstrated that they understand it should be able to move up Bloom’s taxonomy into the application stage. The goal altogether was and is to measure the mental understanding or retention of information about a whole range of fields and subjects about which the student needs to care nothing for they will never "have to use it again.”

Consumerized Education

The consumerization of higher education may be the most successful deception of the 21st century. Entitlement has been taught by the fundamental assumption of nearly every educational practice: it is possible to be passively educated. In other words, an education can happen to you if you are willing to spend enough time and money to acquire it. 

Info-Centric Bias

It does not matter whether the methods are teacher-centric or student-centric. As long as the whole experience maintains its info-centric bias, it will fail to produce the kind of results that most students, parents, teachers, and administrators are looking for.

Human-Centered Learning

Human-Centered Learning exists to make the individual in formation rather than the information of the individual the primary and measurable objective of education. 

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